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Overview A leading publisher in both print and online of trade specialist information, Business Monitor International (BMI) was established in 1984 with a global perspective. Its service is updated not just quarterly, monthly or weekly but even daily. They cover a wide range of issues such as political risk, financial status, macroeconomic performance, industry sectors and operational environment.

Clients and subscribers of BMI in over 125 countries comprise of huge academe, institutions, corporations, multinationals and government. It is based in London which is recognized for its in- depth news analysis and economic forecasts. As a matter of fact, they received the Queen’s Award for Export Achievement in 1997. Since then, they have continually expanded where anybody can just avail of their CD- ROM which contains a research database of 150, 000 top executives at 60, 000 pioneering conglomerations that have stories of successful strategic approaches in their respective fields.

Services The “emerging markets online” feature of Business Monitor International offers an original, same-day content and interpretation of key commerce developments across the world. There currency reports that is supported by BMI’s wealth of country data from its proprietary databases. It then produces a unique and coherent examination underwritten by a 20- year lineage of specialists. It is a highly- functional and cost- effective answer to the information needs of both single and multiple users that are based in Europe, North America and elsewhere. BMI is fully-customized to correspond the requirements of a specific region. Another exclusive from Business Monitor International is a 20- page weekly concise on equities, forex and bonds that are dependent upon by investment professionals. Called as “emerging markets monitor”, it deal with Asia Pacific, Latin America, Central Europe, Middle East and South Africa. It is sensitive to market sentiment, clear recommendations for equities and fixed income exchange, carefully prepared by BMI’s treasury team. It consists the likes of ABN Amro, Bankers Trust, Chase Securities, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, ING Barings, Jardine Fleming, Lehamn Brothers, Merrill Lynch, Nomura International, Standard Chartered, Templeton Emerging Markets and UBS Warburg.

Business Monitor International has “weekly financial alerts” that relies upon by senior experts that evaluate risks and track opinions. It has an up- to- minute news together with attributed insights directly given by Alerts. It also has an explicit terms be it short and medium currency watch backed by fundamentalists. Having a time- sensitive data, it offers a visual method of graphs and charts to emphasize the analysis behind the banner stories.

They have other programs such as “regional monthly monitors” that has a country-by-country coverage, political review, macroeconomic forecast, market report and environment update. There is also the “quarterly country forecasts reports” over a three- year horizon that enters into the domestic outlook, external sector and global growth.

Contact They can be accessed through their website at or write them at Mermaid House, 2 Ouddle Dock, Blackfairs, London, United Kingdom. You can also call them at 20-7248-0468.