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Hello, good to see you landing here on this page. Allow me to guide you through this site.

In this “Personal Development” section, we will provide you with a range of inspired articles not only to sharpen the saw, but also to ensure that you reach your destination without delay.

In order for you to browse around the site effectively, I would like to recommend a few approaches.

1. Systematic Approach

Please follow the actions below.

– Ask yourself “Where are you now?”

– Ask yourself “Where do you want to be in the future?”

– Identify your Goals; both short-term and long term goals.

– Prepare an action plan to achieve your ultimate goal.

– Carry out self-assessments. You should then be able to see:

  1. What CHANGES are needed here?

  2. Is there something you can IMPROVE on or DEVELOP here?

  3. Is there any area that you can MANAGE better?

  4. Choosing the right THINKING model.

– Check “Business Tools” section and grab great tools

– Ensure you keep the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Adjust) cycle rolling.

– Do not forget to set your checkpoint and target date for each action.

– Track your actions and evaluate the results as per schedule.

 2. Going directly to your interested fields; this can easily be done by clicking the following site-map.

    • Change
    • Dare and Desire
    • Innovation
    • Inspiration
    • Success
    • Developing Communication
    • Improving Effectiveness
    • Improving Health
    • Improving Wealth
    • Self Actualization
    • Self Empowerment
    • Self Esteem
    • Self Improvement
    • Self Motivation
    • Spiritual
    • Stress Management
    • Time Management
    • Creative Thinking
    • Critical and Analytical Thinking
    • Lateral Thinking
    • Positive Thinking
    • Systematic Thinking

3. Jump directly to the direct keyword in “Tag Cloud” on the right side of the screen.
4. Choose directly “Business Tools” on the main menu and start looking  for the right tools for your success right away.