Premium Membership

Thank you for your kind interest in our Premium Membership.

Please allow me to guide you through all the benefits you’ll be receiving once you’re already our “Premium Member”.

The Premium Membership is a paid member with a very economic price of USD.29.90.

We will regularly update and add more contents into this restricted area.  Therefore, if you are already our customer you will never have to pay anymore in the future.  So it’s a ‘Lifetime package’ member if you are applying now.  At no further reduction in price, I will soon change to yearly package or “limited time” package.  However the package will be applied with new customer only.

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The Premium member gains further access. The Personal Development Power Tools  Premium members receive the following exclusive membership benefits:

–   Total access to all areas on the site;
–   Download or Read online 12 Personal Development eBooks from our eBooks Zone (This library is growing);
–   Significant discounts on products and services purchased through our partners

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 Some of our Ebooks in Ebooks Zone, where you can download anytime.

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